Get Up! Stand up!

Your Human rights.

What are the inalienable rights that Humans should be afforded? Can we as a global society pay the cost of every human on the planet being extended these rights? these are the questions we will explore today.

The right to be free of tyranny. This has been the driving force of revolution since before recorded history. People as a whole bristle at the thought of being controlled. Tyranny is the ultimate form of control. In a society that is kept under a iron fist there is nothing but total control of you and your family. Not knowing if the gestapo will show up at your door in the middle of the night can be exceptionally stressful. Stress on a society as a whole will lead to unrest. Unrest will lead to the majority asking for social reform. If nothing is done then revolution forces change. What would be the result of the abolishment of tyranny globally? I believe it would lead to a second renaissance. Only on a global scale. This is indeed a human right we can afford to every human on the planet.

The right to free speech. There have been many places and times that free speech has flourished and society has been all the better for it. Free speech leads to all ideas being brought forth and discussed through mostly civil discourse.  Free speech however does have its drawbacks. Those deemed unstable can gather a following and change the flow of others minds. In a society that stifles free speech these individuals are quickly silenced. The greater good however is not served in these societies. Most people will realize that these people are indeed unstable. We can afford to extend this right to all those that want it. If you have something to say speak up and be heard by your peers. Just remember that all will not agree. Thats the beauty of free speech. I dont have to agree if i dont want to.

The pursuit of happiness. this has a different meaning for every single human. What makes one happy isnt necessarily what makes the next one happy. If destruction and violence is what makes you happy then you can not be extended this right.  This is a tricky one to extend to everyone. It has to be granted to the overall majority to keep progress going forward. Yet it has to be stripped from those that would hold it back through violent means. So Pursuit of Happiness cannot be extended to everyone.

In closing basic rights are something we should as a global society work on. To many live under the threat of death or imprisonment at a moments notice. Bringing about this kind of change takes a collective effort. Start the effort by helping one person tomorrow. Be it a kind word or just sit and listen to them for a minute. You never know what you might hear. Over and out folks!!


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