Break Down!!

Want to improve your Empire Ave score? Follow this breakdown of the way Empire Avenue makes your share price and watch your score go up!!
FB is likes and comments on any posts you put up.
Twitter is directs and Re Tweets. RT’s are serious #Sharepricejuice
Linked In is expanding your contacts and interaction on LI
Youtube is number of views and subscriptions also your total Audience.
Flicr is number of pics posted and comments on pics.
EAv is in site interaction. Thumbs and community actions.
All these are combined into a Meta Score with some Super Secret EAv sauce and out comes your share price score. Add to it share buys and sells and you have Market Makers
Zod has Spoken!

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  1. […] Here’s a breakdown from General Zod, one of the serious EA players. AKPC_IDS += […]

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