I Have Joined the Justice League [X]

The World Order has indeed been shook up. Due to the reformations undertaken by Zod on his adopted planet Houston, the Justice League has allowed Zod to join their ranks. Yes Lord Zod the great intergalactic commander has been compelled to join the ranks of the good guys. This marks a changing in the way Zod is seen on Empire Avenue. From now on the Kneeling shall be kept to a bare minimum.  This will be Zods semi Permanent Status

” If I buy you DO NOT buy back. Spread the Wealth to those who really need it. Buy some New people and make some new connections!”

A new age has dawned upon EAv. [X] has joined forces with Zod’s Army. Together these two groups will lead the way into the future of social media. Zod’s Army will see a new philanthropy bent to its actions. Zod wishes to spread the good cheer of Social media. That is all for this day in the life of Zod…    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-Q9D4dcYng


2 Responses to “I Have Joined the Justice League [X]”

  1. adrielhampton Says:

    Welcome, General!

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