A Army appears on the Horizon

One of the most Oft quoted lines in the Bible is ” We are Legion for we are many”

There have been many global develops on Planet Houston in the intervening time since ZOD last updated you on his comings and goings. A great terrorist was killed in a daring raid by US Navy seal operatives. Since Zod is intrigued  by such actions he shall expound upon this event tonight.

On a dark early morning the sound of a strange helicopter reverberated all through an neighborhood in Pakistan. A small team of elite SEALS inserted and took down their objective in a suspicious house. The Target was Osama BIn Laden. The leader of a global terrorist network and planner of many heinous evils against innocents. Zod did not like his style of  global domination. To strike from the shadows is a show of cowardice. When you choose to lead a attack you must lead from the forefront and in the open to strike from the shadows implies that you are not worthy of taking to the battlefield.  If Zod were in charge he would have done the following. One he would have captured Bin Laden Alive. Then taken him to The Fortress of solitude. Upon arriving Zod would have used the fortresses ablities to reprogram his mind and lead his organization to a far more peaceful route.  Remember when you can avoid bloodshed you are leaving your options open!

Join The ranks of Zods Army!  http://empireavenue.com/?t=206cc7f3


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