Vote Zod in 2012!

Dear Followers,

Today Lord Zod is very pleased to announce his campaign to be elected to the office of president of the United States of America.  Lord Zod has many years of experience in leading and getting the hard jobs done. If elected to the great office of the presidency Zod shall promise the following.

Since Zod himself is a one man army and air force the entire military will be converted to a national work crew. Pay rates will remain the same yet you will soon see all the money that was being spent on weapons of war now spent on fixing roads and bridges. We shall also see a era of great public works of art and industry. Much of the former defense research budget will be re directed to the research on renewable energies and helping the American economy recover from its very long recession.  Should a foreign power decide to test the boundaries of Americas new status quo they will find very quickly that Zod will crush the masterminds of the violence and leave all the civilians in said aggressor country unharmed.

Zod believes that when you focus on the matters at hand in your own  homeland the ability to help others shall follow. One major item that Zod would like to point out is that this not a isolationist policy. To enable us as country to help the less fortunate countries out we must focus all of our considerable intellects  upon the problems that face us at home. After we have learned how to tackle the issues head on we can then apply the same methodology to other countries should they choose to accept our help. We will no longer force our point of view upon another country or culture. This has lead to misunderstandings in the past called wars. We shall merely focus upon developing the technologies that will allow humans to continue the march forward into the bright future of the cosmos.


2 Responses to “Vote Zod in 2012!”

  1. “GOOD LORD!” — Campaign slogan, cheer or editorial reaction 😉 *wink*

  2. I, for one, welcome a Presidential candidate before whom it would be APPROPRIATE to kneel!

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