The 1%

I may not be in the one percent group of wealthy Empire Ave players but Ive been around long enough to have the spare Eave flow to spend one what I want. The Greatest thing to me about this game is the fact that I can make the day of some newbie investor by going in all the Way. In a Truly altruistic motion instead of getting something in return I want to give away all of the current bank inventory I have. Using a Bank Amount of 11.8 million dollar I will give it all away. Spend it in the expendapalooza event please. I need nothing in return. I only hope that you all remember that the peace and understanding are the best things humanity can have.


159 Responses to “The 1%”

  1. You were one of the first people to invest in me. It was an astonishing experience I shall not forget. Thank you for all the generosity you have bestowed on so many.

  2. Have a Super Saturday!

  3. This is incredibly generous of you, Zod. You really made my day! Thank you. ; )

  4. Thanks much for the mission and the cool post 🙂

  5. Sharon Hayes Says:

    You are truly awesome!

  6. Thanks so much 🙂 I hope I can do the same sort of thing when I have enough money coming in.

  7. Great mission! I liked that when I got the first few 500 shares and then when it moved to 600. I just upgraded to 400 and now after investing in 7 more newbies I will have to buy more pie to get more than 1000 in my portfolio. Next month is my six month anniversary.

  8. Nice post! I will add up another 10k #eav to your 10k #eav and invest in newcomers. Have a great week end!

  9. brulesshore Says:

    Thank you for the awesome generosity!!!

  10. I will definitely pay it forward and help promote the #EA shareholders that are new to the community! Great promo!!

  11. awesome generosity, thank you.

  12. michaelqtodd Says:

    You rock dude

  13. 1st time for a [X]Pendapalooza Day and saved my eaves most of the week…started early and had a blast paying it forward!

    Long day…skipped breakfast and lunch, so now need to EAT dinner!

  14. Awesome ZOD. I was directed from the Team Zen Facebook group to invest in you to get the e-mail, so I hope you don’t take offense that the first 50 shares I bought were when you decided to give something away. I share a lot of the same altruistic sentiments, but am currently not in a position to be as generous with Eaves. Cheers!

  15. websitetosell Says:

    This was really awesome; you have made a lot of peoples day, and for that I thank you.

  16. russbastable Says:

    Awesome mindset to have, and a great attitude to share. Nice post. Thanks for the mission, very cool!

  17. Thank you very much for your generous Empire Ave offer.

    Great post!

    I will use the eaves to “go all the way” in a few newbies. Pay it forward, if you will….


  18. Have a great day 🙂

  19. Hey Zod – that’s a super awesome perspective – have a great day! 🙂

  20. That’s really generous of you, thanks a bunch!

  21. Thanks for the mission and always being a giver!

  22. stefanobossi Says:

    Thank you My Lord 🙂

  23. ZOD has spoken. Thanks for showing your best side of the 1% and being awesome! The eaves will be paid forward.

  24. Thank you very much… I was able to invest in several more [X]day newbies thanks to you gift!

  25. Thank you! This is so very awesome. Not only does this remind me why I love the people I connect with in Empire but it also came at the perfect time seeing as I was all out of Eaves to use in [X]pendapalooza! Have a great weekend, Zod!

  26. Thank you for being so generous Zod!

  27. How generous of you Lord Zod! Thank you so much! 🙂

  28. A HUGE lesson for EAv players who only talk and believe about ‘divs’… EAv is about real people and YOU are certainly unique and will be remembered ! Thank you very much Zod 😀

  29. I’m going to use the eaves to try to put smiles on the faces of a few newbies to match the one that your generosity and the kindness of your message has put on mine. I hope that thinking of those smiling newbies makes you smile too. Thank you!

  30. Such a generous mission, will use it to pay it forward during the [X]pendapalooza event

  31. ‘I need nothing in return. I only hope that you all remember that the peace and understanding are the best things humanity can have.’
    To see a message hidden within a selfless act, in this game and find an altruistic action to state your message makes a very nice change! I can’t top that mate and so Zod I nod my head and yes, you may have my vote for 2012. Unfortunately i’m still very in to this game but like you Once i hit the 11 million eve mark I will seriously consider leaving the game and definitely when i do you can count on it being in a Zod like manor! I take my hat off to you! but for now I will relay your spark,

    Humanity needs our understanding, and strength to stand as whole, to see us through our own misguided and ill influenced way of life!

  32. What a great reward and even better message! Thanks ZOD!

  33. Have enjoyed getting to know you my Lord!

  34. great mission, great writeup. will indeed be very helpful to many. cheers

  35. I thank you for doing this — not for the eaves we receive, but for showing people another way.

    I regret that we can only buy 600 shares in great people that we meet on Empire Avenue. If there is anyone that you wish you could buy more than 600 in and I have not already done so, I would be more than happy to make a purchase.

    I am a great believer in paying it forward.

    Cheers, Bill.

  36. Let see how this works, I think it’s a great idea!

  37. will use it to pay it forward during the [X]pendapalooza event, such a great thing

  38. Hello! Thank you for the eaves – that was very generous and I appreciate it!

  39. Thank you and cheers for speaking the truth!

  40. lancetaylor Says:

    Kneel before the 1%

  41. Thank you, Happy (e)XPNDAPALOOZA! cheers!

  42. (e)LACOUVEE Says:

    thank you! I’ve done as you requested and re-invested for [x]pendapalooza!!! Much appreciated

  43. Thank you – what an awesome message and yes I”ll never forget being that newbie – it was amazing – again thank you!

  44. Lord Zod… did the same to me…600 shares…..I was and am still WOWed….!!

    All the Best…….!! Jay

  45. Thanks Very Much.. Your mission is working well by the response on this blog! Everyone is impressed! As am I…

  46. What a lovely way to start the day… or end it, depending on your perspective. 🙂 Just after midnight, here. Best sleep, so I can join the party tomorrow!

  47. Going to go pay it forward before XPendapalooza runs out. Thank you!

  48. You’re a definate one in a million player bud, thanks for the kind offer

  49. christianstobbe Says:

    Very, very generous, Lord Zod! Karma not divs, that’s a good attitude!!!

  50. What a lovely weekend with new online friends such as you, Lord Zod. Will enjoy paying it forward. Thank you

  51. Generous, thank you for sharing your insights..cheers

  52. geoffrey tegjeu Says:

    Cheers for being generous..what goes around comes around 🙂

  53. Lord Zod for the win! tx for the eaves:)

  54. Thanks a lot, you are fantastic!

  55. too early to think things…. apparently blindly following Zod…

  56. Still waiting to see this happen on Wall Street, but at least now we have a model to point them towards. Zod in ’12!

  57. Hello Zod! Thanks very much, a great mission from a great person. I hope you achieve what you’re looking for from this also.

  58. Zod, I too love making someone’s day by buying enough shares to put them into the plus … or maxing out a Noobie. Nice!

  59. An awesome gesture by Lord Zod!
    I kneel before thee! ^^
    / Viggo

  60. Thanks Lord Zod for sharing the wealth. I only wish more people were willing to do so. Guess with the new missions coming out soon, it’ll give top players something to spend their eaves on. Have a great one.

  61. This is so awesome!! I just found out about you from a friend on EA and I am glad to be connected with someone who has such a cool outlook on the game!

  62. Once in a while I enjoy doing this too when I’ve got no one else I really want to invest in. It’s a great way to spend (e) in my opinion

  63. Good article. Thank you.

  64. how great you are Zod ! just few people who think like you, you’re inspiring me. Thanks for sharing !

  65. Thank you Lord Zod for the mission and Eaves. One of the things I will never forget on EA was coming to your profile and reading..
    Don’t invest in me, others need it more.

    Have an excellent New Year!

  66. Your generosity is always appreciated, especially when I was a brand new player it helped boost my confidence. Thank you. Now I am working to get to a place where I can do the same.

  67. Thank you you are very generous person and I will use it to buy your shares Ric

  68. Thank you buy 100 shares that’s great – orglearn

  69. You made my day!!!!

  70. Best investment on EAV I’ve made! thanks!

  71. bevanwhitfield Says:

    Hello Lord Zod and such a wonderful post! Thank you for your generosity to help others help others 🙂

  72. That’s a very interesting way to look at it. Thank you for your generosity.

  73. Zod, I get your joy in zapping someone with a purchase of the max shares. I have also enjoyed buying shares over a period of time. A few times i felt disappointed that I couldn’t stay in touch the way I had by repeatedly buying shares once the max shares limit was reached. Other times I wanted to thank someone by buying a bunch of shares for something that they did on another network only to find that I already owned the max.

    That’s what is great here. There are so many ways to play the game.

    • You got it brother. So many ways to play. I always enjoy just giving that boost! I am very sad when i cant buy some one when i already have max shares. Thats why missions are so great. All my eaves build up and I have to do something with them…

  74. Thank you!

  75. Judith Kavanaugh Says:

    You rock Zod!

  76. Thank you for being a leader.

  77. Thank you very much Lord Zod! All the best for the new year! Go Zod in 2012!

  78. Thanks a lot for you Luv!

  79. Thanks Zod for sharing!
    Next year will be the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All and you certainly will reach the one percent of wealth at Empire Avenue then!
    Have a great and happy New Year of Sustainable Energy for All!

  80. You rock!! Peace to you!!

  81. Indeed, a really altruistic activity. Didn’t expect something like that! Have a nice day!

  82. Thanks very much for your generousity, meet you on Empire Avenue.

  83. Empire Avenue is great! I really enjoy it.

  84. Hey thanks Zod!
    Must explore thus expendapalooza concept too.
    Peace out and have a great 2012.

  85. Thanks much for the mission.

  86. a really nice thing to do and something that will spur me on once I have eves to give away.. Thanks

  87. wow… major mission… thanks for sharing. :0)

  88. How awesome! I am going to use to to buy up a bunch of newbies and give them that experience of getting 200 shares in one fell swoop! (e)QWIKR

  89. Thank you Zod!! It is about blessing others and giving peace. In a couple of days I am leaving on a physical mission to encourage and bless abused and abandoned orphans. Please help me share this real life mission and do something spectacular in the lives of these very deserving children. Help Achieve the 10,000 for 10 Challenge, @robinmeade #RockTheReTweet

  90. Very generous–thank you!

  91. justandrewinzimbabwe Says:

    Thank you so much for your generosity… amazing gesture which I am sure will pretty quickly subscribed… I have invested the entire proceeds of this mission in shares… now that is fair! (e) ZIMADF

  92. Thanks for your awesome mission!

  93. Best wishes for a wondrous new year!

  94. You are the best man…

  95. Thanks for your generosity! (e)gadget1

  96. thanks now I’ll go spend it on you 🙂

  97. Nathalie Steinmetz Says:

    Wow, thanks a lot for your generosity, Zod! You made my day on EAv today, and I’ll spread the luck out! 🙂 (e)natti

  98. Thank you so much. Happy New Year!

  99. Thanks!


  100. Just invested in you today… will invest more soon. Thanks, Craig (e)TCR @TCraigR

  101. Louis Frayser Says:

    We are not worthy 🙂

  102. Thanks for all that you do Lord Zod. Have a great new year.

  103. Byron Westcott Says:

    Nice site

  104. I think I am doing what is required.

  105. Happy New Year General! Love your style!

  106. I have no words to thank you you support at EAv.
    Thank you very, very, much and I also liked your article.

  107. Brad Spence Says:


  108. I’m such a newbie (for about 5 minutes now) I don’t even know how you’re being so generous, but I believe you are and I liked your post!

  109. Nice post! Expecting nothing in return is different for EA =) Thanks for the mission, by the way – pretty easy for such a sum!

  110. Thanks for sharing the love.

  111. Empire Avenue is a good way to pass time at work.

  112. Your a nice person 🙂 People like you are whom make empire avenue a fair and fun place.

  113. This is great. Thanks a lot!

  114. Thank you!

  115. A most interesting idea, too bad there are too few billionaires out in the real world making the same kind of change to society.

  116. Thanks a boooomb ;))

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