Get Up! Stand up!

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Your Human rights.

What are the inalienable rights that Humans should be afforded? Can we as a global society pay the cost of every human on the planet being extended these rights? these are the questions we will explore today.

The right to be free of tyranny. This has been the driving force of revolution since before recorded history. People as a whole bristle at the thought of being controlled. Tyranny is the ultimate form of control. In a society that is kept under a iron fist there is nothing but total control of you and your family. Not knowing if the gestapo will show up at your door in the middle of the night can be exceptionally stressful. Stress on a society as a whole will lead to unrest. Unrest will lead to the majority asking for social reform. If nothing is done then revolution forces change. What would be the result of the abolishment of tyranny globally? I believe it would lead to a second renaissance. Only on a global scale. This is indeed a human right we can afford to every human on the planet.

The right to free speech. There have been many places and times that free speech has flourished and society has been all the better for it. Free speech leads to all ideas being brought forth and discussed through mostly civil discourse.  Free speech however does have its drawbacks. Those deemed unstable can gather a following and change the flow of others minds. In a society that stifles free speech these individuals are quickly silenced. The greater good however is not served in these societies. Most people will realize that these people are indeed unstable. We can afford to extend this right to all those that want it. If you have something to say speak up and be heard by your peers. Just remember that all will not agree. Thats the beauty of free speech. I dont have to agree if i dont want to.

The pursuit of happiness. this has a different meaning for every single human. What makes one happy isnt necessarily what makes the next one happy. If destruction and violence is what makes you happy then you can not be extended this right.  This is a tricky one to extend to everyone. It has to be granted to the overall majority to keep progress going forward. Yet it has to be stripped from those that would hold it back through violent means. So Pursuit of Happiness cannot be extended to everyone.

In closing basic rights are something we should as a global society work on. To many live under the threat of death or imprisonment at a moments notice. Bringing about this kind of change takes a collective effort. Start the effort by helping one person tomorrow. Be it a kind word or just sit and listen to them for a minute. You never know what you might hear. Over and out folks!!


Ramble On

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When talking about topics in general there seems to be a bent in the modern culture towards the next new thing. Granted that progress upon the “Golden Path” have made humanity a race that is able to contemplate their place in the universe. Just being able to do that separates us from all the other species on out planet. Soon we will see the invention of a clean renewable energy that can replace oil as our primary energy source. This will free humanity from many constraints that keep us tied to just a single planet.

Within all this progress I think we are losing a key part of our pasts. The ability to be self reliant for food and water are slowly becoming Non skills. With everything that we need on a daily basis being sold at Wal Mart there is no need to have a few basic skills. Gardening basic repair and food preservation are a few  that immediately come to mind. If just a small group of people started applying skill sets lost to most of the modern society it would spread when the financial savings are observed. Thats my thinking on it anyhow. Enjoy your day folks and thanks for reading.

“Feeling Zod Like”

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Coming back from may conquests all across the galaxy Zod has found this planet in quite a uproar. It seems that the “Middle Eastern Houston” Has erupted in ill will and foul feelings. Zod has sat back and watched as one country after the other has broken down and rebuilt it self in a new way. It also seems that a disaster of epic proportions has happened in  Japan.

First things first. The Middle eastern portion of the planet has made a statement about who or what shall be their future.  This is a great thing for the planet as a whole. Its what is called a stress moment. If Your planet can pass this test it will bode well for the Human race. If the peoples of the earth are fully represented by democracies it will mean that finally humanity can proceed towards a general consensus.  The time of the dictators of old seem to topple near every month. One of the more eccentric ones “Gadaffi” Has proven a tough one to oust. The international Community was nearly as a whole in agreement that something had to be done before too much civilian life is lost. The Greatest tool in the arsenals of these rebels is The Internet. Possibly one of the greatest Human inventions  ever. It caused the connection of billions of minds. A few of the like minds resided in Egypt. They banded together and became a Very old nation under new rule.  This is just the beginning. Those who are repressed have a way to communicate.

Zod has also observed the the great tragedy in japan has still not come under complete control. The worlds economy has not yet seen what the reliance we all had on Japan. They were the producers of high end computer and machine parts. Unless some other country with infrastructure to step in does, the global economy will see the effects in about two more months. Cars and computer parts will slow down.  This may cause one of three things to happen. The first being no country steps in to fill the void and we see a global economy shrink. the second is we see a separate country step in and move to fill the manufacturing void left. More than likely said country would see a economic Boom. Hopefully said country sends money to japan to help in humanitarian  efforts!  The third would be  That japan gets back on its feet far quicker than anyone anticipates. Any of these possibilities exist. It can be said that Zod for one has a positive outlook on things and will keep a watch full eye.  The future is bright folks!  Now back To the Phantom Zone for a bit!

Empire Avenue Awards Nominations! Presented to you by the Super Secret Awesome Group and The Hounoured Society.

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Categories are the Following.

1. Best caricature (You playing a part. Super Villains, Hero and dogs ect..)

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Remember folks its a Honor just to be nominated. This will be peer Driven! Please leave Nominations as a comment/reply. Nominations will be open for one week from tomorrow!  After That the nominees will be announced. Then the final voting will commence. Depending on response volume I may fall behind on nominations. This Awards “show” Is open to ALL of Empire Avenue. Good luck to you all! – Lord Zod.

Last minute Cage Match!!

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This is a last minute EAv Cage match between #Steelers And #GreenBay.  Comment below with your decisions!!! Overall best reply as judged by me will recieve a 400 share buy. Good luck! As always i shall go first.  (#Steelers)

Just A Quickie!

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So serious talk here. The big news story is out of the middle east. There is revolt spreading like fire from country to country. Right now Egypt is in full on revolt mode. There are some brave people over there right now rising up against unjust rule. I truly believe we are gonna see a major shift in how the world looks in just a few years. Gone in the middle eastern states will be the single hard fisted rulers there will be soon a day where our brothers and sisters will experience true power by and for the people. How will it look no one can know. Keep an eye out folks these times they are a changing…


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I Your lord Zod Shall Elucidate you Upon my skills that as you say “Pay the bills”. I Zod in real life is named Travis. A very few and select group know that{SSAG}{HS}. The ones that cared enough to engage in all forms of social media that is. I work at Thats my boss there joe!! say hi Joe!!! It is as you can see a farm supply store. I sell people all that stuff there on the website. I have a extensive knowledge of Equine Knowledge. I also am working on mastering the Knowledge of plumbing. All day long i lift 50lbs or 22.7kg for my non american friends.. Its actually fairly enjoyable. I Seem to enjoy finding things for people and selling them. So that be said…. Should any one come to Turner, ME and walk into the Paris Farmers union and ask for Zod. I will as soon as i get home buy 400 shares as im not authorized to give discounts at this time! This is Zod signing off..